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Why Get a Quote from Kinter Insurance?

Rates change several times a year, so while your current carrier may have been competitive at one time, they may not have taken rate decreases in line with the industry and may have become one of the more expensive providers.

Recent reductions examples we’ve negotiated:

#1 A company was paying $104,309/yr for workers comp → $8,692/mo.

We got them coverage for $62,580/yr → $5,215/mo.

That’s a ~$42,000/yr savings for the exact same coverage.
#2 A $75,630/yr policy → Reduced to $45,752/yr.

#3 A $25,207/yr policy → Reduced to $14,412/yr

We are able to reduce costs for 9 out of 10 applications we receive 

If your agent isn’t shopping your policy aggressively, showing you multiple comparison quotes every year you are likely overpaying significantly. Even IF you are seeing multiple quotes, your agent may not have access to the top carriers, or have the ability to negotiate the best pricing for your business. 

We’ve been helping California business owners reduce their insurance costs for over 40 years. Getting a no obligation quote is quick and straightforward. 

Many agents have likely come before us promising to reduce your insurance costs and have failed you. The reason we are different; we have unique carrier relationships.  Our carriers insure the best in class businesses and as a result, can afford to offer the most comprehensive coverage at the lowest rates. 

To receive a no obligation quote: 

1. Click Here Request a Quote  - One of our specialists will reach out to you right away 

2. Call us at (310)798-6100 - We can gather the necessary information in less than 5 minutes

3. Email us at