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Covid 19 Update

Workers' Comp. Insurance:  

Covid 19 workers comp claims

The WCIRB ruled that COVID -19 related claims will NOT impact business owners' experience mods. This will definitely help minimize the impact of WC premiums overall. 

Insurance Premium grace period has been extended until July 14, 2020. 

Insurance commissioner Lara has issued an order that no insurance company shall cancel any policy before July 14, 2020 for non payment.  See attached notice”Notice of extended grace period”  for full details  

If your business is not currently operating, but you are paying non-active employees’ payroll (as a result of the Payroll Protection Program or otherwise) you will NOT have to pay workers comp premium on that payroll.  You can omit that payroll at year end audit. 

Business Insurance: 

The Department of insurance is working with the Government and insurance companies to try to come up with a solution to address the loss of income claims. As many have heard, many policies have exclusions for virus/pandemic, but we are hopeful that they will come up with a solution to assist business owners who have loss of income claims, due to the impact of COVID-19

Commissioner Lara issued an order for insurance companies to refund a portion of premiums due to reduced likelihood of claim during the pandemic.  He asked all insurance companies to come up with their own calculation method, so refunded premiums will vary by carrier and line of insurance.  The deadline for carriers to make their determinations is in August 2020, so most carriers have yet to announce their methods.  We will keep you posted as we receive additional information. 

Health Insurance : 

Health Insurance companies are offering more plan flexibility, as well as premium grace periods. They are tailoring options to fit client’s needs on an individual basis, so please contact our office for assistance. We are happy to help! 

Cares Act and additional relief options:

Attached are several pieces of information we hope are helpful   

- How to protect your business and employees when returning to work.

- When businesses open/return to work, there will be new challenges. 

See Attached:  A sample “return to work action plan” for reference and Reopening a business after the CoronaVirus