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Markel Help


• Click to file a claim

• Click to make a payment

To contact the Markel billing department, call +1.888.642.4968

Which Medical Providers can we use?

Contact the Medical Provider Network (MPN) Coordinator at or
(888)500-3344 EXT 7963

Is there a phone number to call to report a claim?

Can I email to file a claim?

What information do I need to fill out and email?

  • Policy number
  • Insured and claimant names with contact details
  • Date of loss location and description of loss
  • Current location of insured items, if known
  • All pertinent documentation necessary to properly evaluate the claim (police reports, photos, etc.)
    • For after-hours emergencies such as death, serious bodily injury, or catastrophic property damage, immediately call Markel Claims.
    • Report all claims involving theft, vandalism, or other crimes to the police when they occur. Get the police report when possible.

How can we lower our rate?

If your company also offers Group Health Insurance for employees, contact your Kinter Insurance representative and ask about our dual-line discount.