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State Fund Help


• Click to file a claim

• Click to make a payment

For billing questions contact State Fund directly: (888) 782-8338

Which Medical Providers can we use?

Is there a phone number to call to report a claim?

call: 888-782-8338

Can I email to file a claim? 

No, but you may fax to 1-800-371-5905

Which documents do I need to fill out and attach to the email?

Workers’ Compensation Claim Form e3301

Employer’s Report of Occupational Injury or Illness 3067

Employee’s Guide to State Fund MPN e3851


Please refer to the Employer Requirements page for a list of documents required to post and  distribute to employees at the time of policy inception and at the time of hire.


How can we lower our rate?

If your company also offers Group Health Insurance for employees, contact your Kinter Insurance representative and ask about our dual-line discount.