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Multi-line Rebate Rewards - Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I appoint KIS as my servicing broker for Group Health Insurance?

By signing the broker of record form. That's all it takes. Click here to digitally fill out the form. 

2) What does signing a broker of record form mean?
By signing the form you are simply appointing KIS as your servicing broker. This means that you can contact your new dedicated service team in our office rather than your current broker.
3) What does having KIS as your servicing health broker mean?
You have a dedicated team that can help manage your employee roster with your health insurance provider. Adding and removing people from the plan becomes a breeze, and we provide a comprehensive analysis at renewal to insure you are getting the most bang for your buck out of your health plan arrangement. 
4) How is KIS able to offer this bundled discount?
An insurance bundle discount is when you earn a discount for bundling your policies with one insurance broker.
5) Is bundling right for my business?
Bundling is a great way to save money for many business, including yours. 
6) Will this change my health insurance policy in any way?
No, your current plans, benefits, and premium will remain exactly the same as it is. 
7) If I have grandfathered status with my health provider, will that change?
No. Nothing about your current plan or status will change in any way. 
8) Is my workers' compensation coverage the same if I bundle policies?
Yes! The workers' compensation coverage from your carrier is 100% the same regardless of bundling.
If you have any questions about the discount, give us a call (877)798-9363